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About Us

The company Elfplast was founded in 1998.
Specializes in the production and marketing of plastics products for home and garden. Thanks to the experience of our specialists and constant development day by day we do our best to improve the quality of our products. Our main task is to create practical and inexpensive products. We do not forget about their aesthetics.

Today «Elfplast» produces about 400 names of plastic products and has a powerful potential that allows us to constantly expand the range of products.
The production area of our enterprise covers 8000 square meters. The finished products are shipped from 10,000 square meters of stock. This allows us to fulfill our customers' orders in the shortest possible time.
Our products are manufactured using the most advanced technologies in the processing of plastics, widely used robotics, ensuring high quality products.
We have assembled an energetic and determined team so that we can continuously improve, introduce technical innovations, improving the quality of life of our customers.
The entire production line under the trademark «Elfplast» is certified in accordance with the current requirements and regulations of both the Russian Federation and the Customs Union.